Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences

Qualification and Application Material


Schools (officials, teachers, guidance counselors) are encouraged to recommend 1 – 2 current juniors or seniors from backgrounds who are under-represented (UR) in health-related sciences on a national basis ( with strong academic records and an interest in science and/or medicine.  Interested students can also apply directly, but letters of recommendation are required. Students are selected for the program after a series of steps that include application screening, interviews, and invitation to participate based on the availability of suitable mentors. All interns will undergo a health screening, criminal background check, and training in the protection of human subjects and the responsible conduct of research prior to beginning their internship and/or research projects.

IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT EXTENDED ABSENCES DURING THE 8-WEEK PROGRAM ARE NOT PERMITTED AND DO NOT APPLY KNOWING THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMMIT TO THE PROGRAM FULL-TIME. Please reserve the following tentative dates for the program: June 22, 2020-August 17, 2020. The final dates may vary if snow days are used. The final timeframe for the 2020 summer program will be known by April 2020.

Recommendations Procedure

Recommendations must be received by March 1, 2020 to be considered.  Recommendations should include the following (mailed together or emailed–see below):

  1. A copy of the student’s resume (or history of work, hobbies/research experience).
  2. Three sealed letters of recommendation (at least two from a science/math teacher or guidance counselor at  the student’s school. Please include signature and contact information including phone and email address. The recommenders can email their letters directly to Dr. Brown–see below).
  3. An official copy of the student’s transcript in a sealed envelope.
  4. A one-page cover letter from the student describing why they want to participate in the program and their address, phone and email information.
BROWN amanda.jpg
Amanda M. Brown, PhD

Send nomination materials to:

Amanda M. Brown, PhD
Director, JHIBS
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology
600 North Wolfe Street
Meyer 6-181
Baltimore, MD 21287

The nomination materials (containing the sealed letters of recommendation) can be mailed together as one packet, or the applicant can email all materials (except the letters of recommendation) at one time to If the applicant will be emailing the materials, it is required that the letters of recommendation be sent by the recommender separately. The letters must have the writer’s signature and contact information.

For Further Information Contact:

Amanda M. Brown, PhD
Phone: 410-614-2429

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