Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences

Mission Statement

The Challenge

To stimulate interest in a career in brain science and medicine through pre-college exposure to a professional academic research and clinical environment combined with short- and long term mentoring, educational resources, and encouragement.


To create a workforce of qualified clinicians and researchers from diverse backgrounds built through a workplace mentoring program.


Mentorship of juniors or seniors from Baltimore City high schools by Hopkins faculty members in the neurological sciences for 8 weeks in the summer. Interns shadow doctors in the clinic and conduct a short-term mentored clinical or basic science research project.


Junior and senior underrepresented students with strong academic records and an interest in science and/or medicine.

Specific Aim 1: Short-term Goals

Over an 8-week period, provide an immersion experience in a specific area of brain medicine and research in which students will create individual career development plans, learn about and employ the scientific method in the responsible conduct of research, gain critical thinking skills, and interact with and be mentored by Hopkins faculty in a professional workplace environment.

Specific Aim 2: Long-term Goals

To increase in a significant way, the pool of qualified underrepresented candidates in the neurological sciences and medicine by 10 years post-internship through career-long mentoring and sponsorship. Interpersonal relationships strongly reinforced to provide a sense of community and a means of productive networking

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