Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences

Our Mentors

Last Name First Name Degree Research
Appleby Brian MD Director of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Program; study and treatment of patients with human prion diseases
Blakeley Jaishri MD Diagnosis and management of primary brain tumors in adults; development of techniques to assess and maximize drug delivery to brain tumors
Boatman Dana PhD Cortical mapping and modeling studies in neurosurgery patients and cortical auditory function in children with epilepsy and autism
Brown Amanda PhD HIV-human macrophage host pathogen interaction and genetic associations with HIV neurocognitive disorder
Farah Mohamed PhD The role of BACE1 inhibition in the clearance of debris and axonal regeneration in injured peripheral nerve
Gama Lucio MS Innate immune aspects of SIV infection, especially the role of some pattern recognition receptors
Gamaldo Charlene MD Sleep medicine, specifically investigating the co-morbid health consequences of chronic sleep deprivation
Gipson Tanjala MD Tuberous sclerosis in children with Autism
Grados Marcos MD, MPH Genetic epidemiology of neurodevelopmental disorders, with a focus on obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome.
Hall Scott PhD Complex genetics of addictions and related phenotypes
Hartman Adam MD, PhD Mechanisms by which the ketogenic diet improves symptoms of patients with epilepsy
Haughey Norman PhD Signal transduction pathways that are associated with neurodegenerative processes
Johnston Michael MD, PhD Brain injury in infants and children
Kadam Shilpa PhD The study of epileptogenesis
Kahng SungWoo PhD Behavioral assessment of severe problem behaviors
Lal Bachchu PhD Growth detection and malignancy of brain tumors
Landenheim Ellen PhD The role of the mammalianbombesin-like peptides in the control of food intake and energy balance
Lesser Ronald MD Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and evaluation of central nervous system function; Development of new forms of treatment for patients with intractable epileptic seizures
Levy Michael MD, PhD Pathogenesis of neuromyelitis optical (NMO) using a combination of biochemistry, tissue culture, and animal models. He also serves as Director of the NMO Clinic
Maragakis Nicholas MD Role of astrocytes in causing and propagating neurological diseases, such as ALS; Use and transplantation of astrocyte stem cells into animal models of diseases to establish their potential to treat patients with neurologic disease
Margolis Russell MD A major emphasis is determining the etiology and pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders affecting the cerebellum and basal ganglia, and describing the psychiatric aspects of such disorders; genetic risk factors for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and autism
Mari Zoltan MD Neurophysiology of and motor control in dystonia, with particular interest in basal ganglia pathophysiology
McArthur Julie RN Specializes in treatment and management of patients with HIV infection
McArthur Justin MBBS, MPH Natural history, development and treatment of HIV infection, multiple sclerosis and other neurological infections and immune-mediated neurological disorders and the study sensory neuropathies, including those associated with chemotherapy, HIV and diabetes
Moghekar Abhay MD Clinical work focuses on dementia of all types with a special interest in adult hydrocephalus; Affects of age on nerve cells processing of beta-amyloid a protein thought to be critical to the development of Alzheimer’s disease
Naidu SakkuBai MD Developmental and neurogenetic disorders affecting children and adults
Nyquist Paul MD Identification of genetic risk factors for stroke and biomarkers and genetic risks for patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage
Onyike Chiadi MD Cognitive and neuropsychiatric features of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)
Pardo Carlos MD Neuroimmunological and infectious disorders of the nervous system, particularly multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, neurosarcoidosis and neurological complications of autoimmune disorders
Pletnikov Mikhail MD, PhD Molecular and cellular mechanisms of abnormal brain development with relevance to neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and autism
Rao Vani MD Risk factors for depression and disability after traumatic brain injury
Salas Rachel MD Mechanisms of sleep, neuroplasticity, motor learning environmental sleep disorder and impact on patient outcomes
Sawa Akira PhD The pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric illness including schizophrenia and neurodegenerative disorders
Schubert Michael PhD Control adaptation of vestibular reflexes and compensatory mechanisms recruited for gaze stability
Smith-Hicks Constance MD, PhD Neural networks in Down’s Syndrome and Fragile X
Solomon David MD, PhD Adult hydrocephalus, vestibular and balance disorders
Steiner Joseph PhD Drug development for Neuro AIDS
Stins Monique PhD The role of the blood-brain-barrier in neurological infections
Sumner Charlotte MD Molecular pathogenesis of different forms of spinal muscular atrophy with particular attention to therapeutics development for these disorders
Treisman Glenn MD Treatment of psychiatric disorders in HIV infected patients
Uhl George MD, PhD Complex genetics of addictions and related phenotypes
Zackowski Kathy PhD, OTR Motor control problems as a result of neurodegenerative disease processes such as multiple sclerosis and adrenomyeloneuropathy
Ziai Wendy MD Management of critically ill patients with neurologic diseases with special interest in several types of brain hemorrhages
Zink Mary Christine PhD, DVM SIV/rhesus macaque model to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of HIV neuropathogenesis

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