Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences

Past Intern Research Projects




Project Title


Jacob Ennals Generation and expression of osteopontin deletion mutants
Lena Harris A case study in schizophrenia
Khadeijah Palmer-Rhodes Development of a drug for spinal muscular atrophy
Deandria Spencer Motor deficits in a mouse model of ALS
Vivian Ukegbu Use of a mouse model to study behavioral disorders


Taylor Alexander Neuroprotection exploratory trials in Parkinson’s Disease
Morgan Carrington Mapping the progression of loss of function in the frontotemporal dementias
Erin Dickerson Impact of chemokines on housekeeping gene expression
Tunisia Ellis Management of neurofibromatosis
Michiko Kennedy Use of an animal model to study the ketogenic diet
Asia Lynn The impact of hospital lighting on patient sleep quality
Sakiera Malone Histological analyses of brain sections from epileptic patients
Gabrielle Thomas Impact of chemokines on housekeeping gene expression


Nishelle Brice The relationship between weather and stroke occurrence
Jerome Hill Molecular tools to phenotype mice
Ellison James Dynamic visual acuity
Candice Lyle Case study of a patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Teri Porter Tourette Syndrome
Amandeep Samra The relationship between body position and CSF pressure
Ashley Van-Veen Measurement of vibration in adrenomyeloneuropathy
Kimberly Williams Tools used to measure CSF pressure


Cherry Abdou Impact of cytokines on blood-barrier function
Eyoha Bayu Testing of neuroprotective compounds in an in vitro assay
Tarik Bayu Evaluation of trends in surgical treatment for acute ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage
Nicole Coppola Traumatic brain injury: A report
Shakira Gaskins In vivo models for ALS
Destiny Harrod Autism spectrum disease model
Mariah Heath Tools in molecular biology
Farah Khan The effect of psychostimulants on locomotion in transgenic mice
Aniqa Tasnim The role of BACE1 in myelin sheath formation
Kelby Weston Neuromyelitis optica
Lea Williams Changes in CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell numbers in the spleen during acute infection of macaques with SIV


Hema Arikala Development of an improved HIV-1 reporter virus
Hiba Farah The role of GABA-responsive neurons in epilepsy
Martha Flores Clearance of myelin axonal debris in BACE1 knockout mice
Diamond Greene The effect of anti-retroviral drugs on neuronal integrity
Lili Mo The role of gastrin-releasing peptide in modulating food intake
Raechel Mattison Reducing autistic symptoms in children with and without tuberous sclerosis
Christiana Obeng The association between gastrointestinal stromal tumors and neurofibromatosis type I
Erica Richardson Development of an ELISA to detect platelet activation
Erin Richardson The role of genetic risk factors for psychiatric disorders in brain development
Chanel Nicole Scott Identification of triggers for severe self-injurious behaviors in children
Hawi Sorsu Use of a mouse model to study the role of synaptic plasticity in Rett Syndrome
Franz Virtudes Molecular biology tools used in brain tumor research
Thrisann Weathers Under reporting of infestation of CPAP machines


Mina Al-Salihi Analyzing the role of Fig4 in the pathogenesis of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Pereviva Besong Mindfulness: reducing stress and increasing medical adherence in HIV patients
Chase Dews Stem cells: Making Myelin one mouse at a time
Leah Hill HIV GP120:Inflammation in the Brain
Shanquel Holman Continuous performance test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Darin Johnson A study of Neurogenesis
Sabah Muktar Modulating Spinal Excitability with Direct Current Stimulation
Shishiri Naganyone The clinical and pathological features in late-life frontotemporal dementia
Iyanuoluwa Onibatedo The role of PD1 in Multiple Sclerosis
Himadri Patel The Kinereach Experiment
Denise Roman The Bloomberg Children’s Center: A Center of Excellence for Children with Mood Disorders
Tamara Simms Multiple domains of Osteopontin enhance HIV replication in HeLa cells
Joshua Villanueva The effect of Retinoic Acid on the proliferation of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) cells
Ferlyn Virtudes Neuroprotective trials in Parkinson’s Disease


Keshara Cochrane The effect of dendrimer HDAC inhibitors on activated microglial cells
Asia Cole Anxiety: The negative effects mental illnesses have on a child’s physical, mental, social and behavioral development
Shawnita Cureton Identification of cells in the central nervous system expressing osteopontin
Leshaia Davis-Johnson Length of stay evaluation in child and adolescent psychiatry
Raven Fields A randomized placebo trial for Rett Syndrome
Chardone’t Handy Development of educational tools to inform the public about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Jayla Hubbard The effect of bisphenol A on adult neurogenesis
Omar Joyce, Jr BDNF: underlying factor in ischemia and epilepsy
Surayyah Khan Reduced TNFR1 and NFkappaB expression in the brain of BACE1 transgenic mice
Bianca Miller Lipid levels and sleep in adolescent ages 16-19
Rodden Reyes Nanofiber nerve guide for peripheral nerve repair and regeneration
Briceson Roy Natural products as tools to explore novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of depression


Sarah Agarrat Minimally invasive surgery plus recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator for intracerebral hemorrhage evacuation and perihematomal edema
Quartay Bradshaw Improving access to behavioral treatments for Tourette’s disorder
Trevana Eades The change of expression of cells during inflammation in the brain in Rasmussen’s encephalitis
Alim Habib (Guest) Quantification of denervation in SOD1 mice at 4 months of age
Elmi Habib (Guest) Kv1.3 KO CD4+ CD25hi secrete increased IL-10 and protect from EAE
Solomon Johnson-Parker Hill Brainwaves during daily activities
Shahirah Khan Quantification of sweating test as an assay for peripheral neuropathy in diabetic mice
Maxwell Lawson Relative utility of the mental state examination and the Montreal cognitive assessment for monitoring cognition in subjects with dementia
MonYi Lwin Making a fly: DAT-NewD-GAL4 transgenic driver
Saida Muktar Development of PCS2+:Dendra2 vectors for transgenic expression in Xenopus laevis
Jae Eun (Janice) Nam Differences in gene expression in painful and non-painful schwannomas
Garnell Purcell Protein tracking for mouse acting
Anand Rajagopal (Guest) Identification of genetic variants in children with neurological disease
Shardell Robinson Superficial siderosis study
Tanisha Rodgers Analyzing and understanding strength measures in individuals with brain and spinal cord dysfunction
Dyshae Scott Phase II intracranial EEG monitoring for medically refractory epilepsy
Rabia Tahir Histological characterization of fluorescently labeled outputs of the central amygdala
Tyesha White Ex vivo analysis of osteopontin expression in cells of the brain in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND)
Enza Williams Genetic vs. environmental influence on the development of the sleep phenotype circadian rhythm disorder
Amber Young (Guest) Using mice models to analyze molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease


Briana Davis Oxytocin and vasopressin: parallel processing in the social brain
Brenda Dzaringa Examining stress, sexual experiences, and neighborhood: correlates of HIV risk among African-American Women (The Essence Project)
Osama Hassan How does BACE1 inhibitor affect APP abundance in diabetic mice
Brittany Jones Animal model of delirium: short-term memory deficits in postoperative mice
Sabreenah Khan Prodrugs of the glutamine antagonist DON: characterization of their DON-releasing properties in cell lines
Shadora Robinson Can exosomes from ATP-stimulated astrocytes reduce neuronal cell death?
Tanisha Rodgers Analyzing measures of strength in individuals with brain and spinal cord dysfunction
Sai Ruthwik Putheti (Guest) Correlation of patient perception of gait and balance with validated objective measures
Shamon Thomas-Green Sexual and religious obsessions and obsessive compulsive disorder
Omar Joyce (JHIBS STEM Scholar) Effects of osteopontin on axonal growth
Sabah Mukhtar (JHIBS STEM Scholar) Helping youth in Baltimore realize their full potential


Sanaa Amin Discerning shape thickness and volume in the superior temporal gyrus as influenced by mild cognitive impairment
Bidii Bangamwabo Oxytocin: parallel processing in the social brain
Leah Christian Using sFRP3 antibody to promote cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus
Catina Mabel Sublingual apomorphine project: the cyanapsus study
Sheila Shaheed Osteopontin-mediated regulation of neurite growth
Montrell Vass Action selection under conflict: the role of reaction time
Monika Watat Stathmin2 immunoreactivity as a method of evaluating nerve regeneration
Tinbit Bernahu Oligodendrocyte progenitor cell phagocytosis in response to interferon gamma stimulation initiates the antigen presentation process
Bianca Cea Discerning shape thickness and volume in the superior temporal gyrus as influenced by mild cognitive impairment
Iqrah Choudhry Q cells: effects of fluorine labeling for ALS patients
Katherine Duarte Transrenal DNA extraction
Olutayo Fawibe Discerning shape thickness and volume in the superior temporal gyrus as influenced by mild cognitive impairment
Elisha Howard It’s a two-way connection: the brain and the gut
Tyler Johnson Cognitive impairment: investigating if cognitive performance is indicative of impairments in social functioning
Elonna Jones CCL2 inhibits canonical type 1 interferon responses: implications for HIV and other viral infections
Treasure Nwokeleme The importance of MCT1 to oligodendrocytes and the surrounding neuroenvironment
Nadia Paylor Vesicular GABA transporter vGAT1 immunohistochemistry in adult mouse brain following neonatal ischemia
Karla Ujueta A clinical study on OCD children with autistic traits in relation to their adult relatives with schizotypal traits
Leah Vines The impact of HIV D-drug treatment on peripheral nerves: a case-control study
Morgan Taylor (Guest) Memory and Music
Shreya Vinjamuri (Guest) Music’s elicitation of emotion: impact on social interaction
Brenda Dzaringa (JHIBS STEM Scholar) Will balance influence outcome-dependent plasticity in mouse primary visual cortex?
Jae Eun (Janice) Nam (JHIBS STEM Scholar) Elevated osteopontin in HIV-associated co-morbidities: a pilot study

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