Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences

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Introduction: Project Pipeline Baltimore

It has been clearly shown that the decision to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) throughout college is often made in high school rather than in college itself. Thus, with the ever growing presence of science in the world today, it is important to captivate student’s minds during this key period. The Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences (JHIBS) aims to inspire bright, under-represented students in the greater Baltimore community to pursue a career in science or medicine.

This site will serve as a supplement to the main JHIBS page under the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine website. We will post pictures of the students in action, write about the training the students are receiving, and the overall take-away from this pipeline program.

We hope that sharing snippets over the 8-week period will help you remember the experiences and the mentor-mentee relationships you formed.



Information Links

Dear Prospective Applicants,

While the main JHIBS site on Hopkins Medicine is under renovation, we will provide the necessary information through this website. Attached below is the list of links that discusses what the JHIBS program is about and the application process. Thank you!

1. Overview

2. Mission Statement

3. Qualifications and Application Material

4. Our Mentors

5. Past Intern Research Projects